posted October 31, 2011

File this under "gambling in Casablanca". We were shocked -- shocked -- when our spies tipped us to a backroom meeting that took place at this weekend�s Presidential fundraiser. Somewhere in a back kitchen, amidst the rubber chickens, two Assistant State's Attorneys were meeting with a White House advisor to the President � who just happens to also be the former advisor to and attorney of S.A. Peter Florrick. You know, the one who got him cleared of his hooker-toe-sucking, err, corruption charges.

Our curiosity is killing us. What was the reason for this late night meeting? Our tipster didn�t get close enough to hear their chatter, so feel free to clue us in or speculate in the comments! Was the crime-fighting duo looking for hints that their boss plans to bolt for Springfield as soon as possible? Pitching themselves as a 2-for-1 attorney deal on the re-election campaign? What sort of skullduggery was going on? And are we all on board with giving �skullduggery� the comeback it so richly deserves?