posted October 31, 2011

What crisis/PR manager has been rumored to be doing some vetting around town? After getting a certain philandering Cook County official back in office, this manager might be lining up his next campaign´┐Ż for none other than his ex! How efficient! All the oppo research has already been done!

Maybe it's not so strange. Maybe they both found in each other a person they trusted and decided to embark on a grueling venture with terrible odds and 24/7 contact, during which they would be guaranteed to see each other at their worst, while mounting tensions, fear of failure, and money woes threatened to consume them.

Then they got divorced and embarked on a political campaign. (BAM! Nailed it!)

Hey, while it sounds crazy to us, this arrangement might work for them. After a break-up, some people run out and make bad decisions; others hunker down with ice cream and Nora Ephron; a precious few will choreograph a concert with ex-lookalike dancers, warble an off-key song they wrote about love, then break down in hysterics in front of 10,000 people. We all grieve in our own ways.