posted November 07, 2011

Rumors are buzzing about today's courthouse sighting. We thought he had just become a myth, a bedtime story criminals told their kids at night. Spotted moving swiftly through the halls of the Federal Courthouse was none other than The Coated Crusader � aka Former S.A. Glenn Childs � looking more rested than Kris Humphries after the relief begins to sink in.

No photo was nabbed of our elusive superhero. But word is that he has switched over to the Feds, working as a U.S. Attorney where he swooped in and crashed the private proceedings in one courtroom.

Which good citizen behind those doors needed saving? Why, it was none other than� Alicia Florrick? Maybe this isn�t the saving of a damsel in distress. Maybe it's some vigilante vengeance for the Coated Crusader.