posted November 12, 2012

Rumors are swirling that beleaguered LG might be on the auction block. Trustee Clarke Hayden has quietly been looking for a buyer who would be interested in acquiring some or all of the fading white shoe firm. Fabulous Loop location, furniture, art, and one frequently sanctioned partner included!

L.A. firm Milburn, Tate & Crandell has been making noise about expanding into the Midwest. When partner Burl Preston was in Chicago this week, Hayden floated the idea of acquiring LG. My sources say word of Hayden's offer quickly got back to Lockhart & Gardner, who are already chafing under the control of a trustee, and sparks flew.

But for all their bluster, Lockhart & Gardner don't have a lot of leverage in this fight. What do you think, dear readers? Do you see LG going Californian?