posted November 15, 2011

Today, Robert Mulvey held a press conference after he, in making the first step, admitted he had a problem. What we thought was going to be a public acknowledgement of his bizarre fetish for statues, we were bummed to find it was just the trope admission to alcoholism. As revealed, Mulvey has a history of public service spent with other monuments: including Abe �the Log Man� Lincoln, an upright Civil War hero, and Michelangelo�s BFF, David.

Mulvey is now headed to rehab for his drinking problem. With the help of breathing exercises and a new addiction to nicotine, Mulvey will be due for some smaller upcoming campaign in the near future. Can you imagine an election for the redeemed politicos with he and Anthony Weiner going head to head? We can only dream.

Check out melancholy Mulvey below:

So readers, do you buy this as an explanation for his photo album?