posted November 21, 2011

Our fearless leader at the S.A.'s office, Captain Malfeasance, is once again demonstrating his newfound feasance. Peter Florrick has just removed himself from a special investigation into Lockhart-Gardner, his wife's firm, due to a conflict of interest.

We at Snark applaud this bold, upstanding move and eagerly await the appointment of the independent prosecutor. Someone fair-minded, with no axe to grind, no personal agenda.

Someone like Judge Judy. Or the Dalai Lama. Or --- wait, what now?!

Wendy Scott-Carr?! Wendy Scott-Carr, the woman whom he just defeated in a general election for his office, that Wendy Scott-Carr? The woman who has a picture of herself seated at the S.A.'s desk on her vision board? Nope, can�t see any downside to that plan.!

Oh Captain My Captain isn't the brightest guy sometimes, is he? What do you think, readers? Have Peter Florrick's newfound righteous ways clouded his judgment, or are we and our hearts-of-coal thinking too cynically over here? Sound off in the comments.