posted December 3, 2011

What is going on?! Up is down, right is left, cats and dogs are dancing together paw-in-paw, and� the Golden one is off his game? We initially dismissed whispers that Chicago�s most vaunted crisis manager and strategist was off his game as nothing more than petty jealousy, but given the way up-and-coming lobbyist Stacie Hall just wiped the floor with Eli Gold in D.C. (and waltzed off with Lockhart/Gardner�s lucrative Wisconsin Dairy Council account in the process), we�re beginning to have second thoughts.

Insiders also say that while it has always been assumed that Lockhart/Gardner was only a temporary home for Gold, his standoffish stance has won him no allies at his new home. And truth be told, labeling all the French Vanilla nondairy creamers in the kitchen with �ELI�S! DO NOT TOUCH!! THIS MEANS YOU!� probably didn�t help matters.

Anyone seen our man�s misplaced mojo? Fingers crossed he finds it before his next campaign� y�know, the one that was supposed to take him to the White House and the national stage with just a quick pit stop in Springfield?