posted December 3, 2011

Rumors abound that the S.A.'s special investigation into arch-nemesis Lockhart/Gardner has incorporated a new member into their Super Duper Friends. We�ve heard that they�ve added the relentless bloodhound nose of a Super Detective.

Super Dick�s crime sniffing abilities now join the power of �Miss Congeniality" and her pearly whites. (We mean the flawless Wendy Scott-Carr, friends.) After being assigned the role of leader by Captain Malfeasance, Scott-Carr has now assembled her team. Starting with an elite group of A.S.A.s, she has also added the super-smarm abilities of Cook County�s New Deputy S.A., Cary Agos.

With all the conviction of a �real� actor in a bat suit with a growling voice, Miss Congeniality is determined to save the day, as the S.A. Super Duper Friends take on the criminal masterminds of LG. In the days ahead, we�re hoping for some explosions and some CGI in the courtroom� but mostly we just want to see them in some tights.