posted November 22, 2010

The Chicago political world is still reeling from the suicide of Royce Crombie, a former Democratic fundraiser and bundler. A seasoned veteran of Chicago politics who was recently revealed to be the target of a federal corruption investigation, Crombie was found dead in his home days after the grand jury investigation was announced.

posted November 16, 2010

It�s a great day for Chicago, as our political scandals have finally � finally! -- been deemed worthy of dramatic Taiwanese animation. No longer will our politicians sin quietly in the shadows, while Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan, and Brett Favre reap all the glory. Check out the video, featuring Peter Florrick as a wine swilling, yeehaw-ing foot fetishist, below.

posted November 16, 2010

Sloan Burchfield has had a busy week, one that ended with her cooling her heels in Cook County jail and canceling several appearances. With her next music video now on hold, Taiwanese animators have stepped in to fill the void. Guess you�ve made the jump to celebrity outside the tween ghetto, Sloan! Congratulations?

posted November 11, 2010

Campaign manager Patrick Sturges, speaking at a press conference this afternoon, confirmed his involvement in the controversial viral video attacking Wendy Scott-Carr. He announced that he would be resigning from the Childs campaign effective immediately.  Because that’s just what happens when you accidentally made an attack ad accusing a cancer victim of being a shallow hypocrite even though all you meant to do was make an attack ad using someone’s private medical files and double standards of gender to sink a rival campaign.  Facepalm!

Way to take a bullet for the boss, Mr. Sturges. Twenty bucks says if Childs wins the election, Sturges will be back on the payroll within the hour...

posted November 11, 2010

Things aren’t gonna get easier

So... that video you’ve probably seen a dozen times by now? Yeah, this one?

JibJab post here

Came from the offices of Glenn Childs campaign.

Glenn, look, it’s Chicago.  Playing dirty is fine.  We’d hate it if you didn’t.  But getting caught? How are we supposed to respect a politician who can’t even cover his tracks?  

posted November 11, 2010

Okay, so this doesn’t really happen… ever.  But we kind of feel bad about our post about Wendy Scott-Carr’s boob job.  The State’s Attorney candidate revealed on The Early Show today that she’s a survivor of breast cancer, having a double mastectomy.  Apologies, Wendy!  We feel like a bunch of boobs… um, sorry again? 

posted November 10, 2010

Wendy Scott-Carr has made a point of mentioning her volunteer work with the homeless and her monthly shift at a South Side soup kitchen in interviews.  So it surprised us to learn that the same Wendy -- voice of the downtrodden, advocate for the destitute – just dropped 19K on a, let’s just say, very titillating surgery. 

See the video below.

If only the poor could get themselves their own pair of Pam Andersons, maybe they could float their way out of poverty.