posted Ocotober 19, 2010

Pull up a chair and start playing!

We know that it was in the conference room at Lockhart Gardner, with the leaked deposition…but the who still has us puzzled. The only people in the room at the time were LGB partner Diane Lockhart; new partner Derrick Bond; associate --and wife of SA candidate Peter Florrick-- Alicia Florrick; State’s Attorney Glenn Childs; and Cook County’s attorney, Wendy Scott-Carr. There’s also the court reporter, but for now we’ll presume that she is beyond over the Florrick/Childs playground fight her job has become and had no part in the leak.

They each have a motive to leak the deposition, but each of them has even stronger reasons not to, particularly that whole not getting disbarred thing. (Except the court reporter, we scribble in our detective’s notebook. Back to being a suspect!)

What we do know is that if Glenn Childs is behind this, he’s a hell of an actor. Our reporter brought up the leaked deposition with the SA and was treated to some Belichick-level barely suppressed rage. Someone’s on the warpath…

UPDATE #1: Childs’s office to depose Alicia Florrick From the turnabout is fair play handbook, the SA’s office just announced that it would be opening an inquiry into the leaked deposition. A fuming Childs charged that LGB sought to embarrass the office because they are the de facto home of the Florrick campaign. Sigh. Haters gonna hate.

posted Ocotober 19, 2010

It's not what you�re thinking. And as far as we know, no toe sucking took place. But we're dying to know why the former State�s Attorney was spotted sharing fries at the Golden Apple late Thursday night with arch-enemy, political foe, and all-around nemesis, Glenn Childs. Do we detect a d�tente? Sound off, readers. What was so important it brought these arch-rivals together for a late-night meeting?

posted Ocotober 19, 2010

It's that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the sweaters have been pulled out of storage, and the air is thick with hints of campaign intentions from people who are not quite ready to announce. Why so shy? Jump on in, the water�s absolutely freezing! Who�s dropping the most hints behind the scenes?

All-but-announced mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun has been hitting South Side restaurants to meet voters, in one case missing Rahm Emanuel by only an hour.

We're also hearing whispers around town that Chief Justice Victoria Adler has been eyeing the State�s Attorney�s office. Hey, sounds great to us. We�d love a third option beside a whoremonger and a guy who can't catch a sniper.

posted Ocotober 12, 2010

Owen Cavanaugh, visiting math professor at DePaul, made quite a splash this week. Sure that recurrence relation stuff is exciting, but it’s what he said after class that made him the internet's newest star.

[Ed note: Where were the hottie math professors when we were suffering through calculus?]

That’s right, Peter Florrick's brother-in-law doesn’t dig the guy. Which he says, in all fairness, is because Florrick doesn’t dig the gay. Funny, we never got that vibe from Florrick. In fact, he seemed to be something of an advocate, prosecuting several high-profile hate crimes during his tenure, but we�d trust his family to know.

In other news, one charming math professor and perfect houseguest is now looking for an extra couch or guest room while he’s in town.


posted Ocotober 12, 2010

We learned so much from this New York Times account of Sam Zell’s spectacular mismanagement of the Chicago Tribune. First off, did you know the Chicago Tribune was once a respected newspaper? It's true!

More surprising to us was the revelation that in 2010 there is actually a living, breathing person who writes memos saying �NEWS & INFORMATION IS THE NEW ROCK N ROLL!� And someone apparently offers $100 to waitresses to flash him. And someone who (impulse) purchases jukeboxes (from Sky Mall?) for the office to create a rollicking Animal House environment. Wonder if anyone’s bought the movie rights yet...


posted Ocotober 12, 2010

Some weeks just aren’t your weeks. Captain Malfeasance has spent the week stepping in it wherever he goes. He's still busy fighting off allegations of his homophobia, and now HuffPo posted a picture of him carrying Jimmy Carter’s "Peace Not Apartheid" outside his apartment. Although in Florrick’s defense, many of Rick Sanchez’s other book recommendations have been great.


posted Ocotober 12, 2010

Our sources tell us that the crack in the Northbrook sniper case came when they realized that the common link between the victims - and in one case, intended victim - was that they had all used the same internet dating site,

We checked Carl Landers’s profile and were disappointed to find not one mention of the fact that if, on your date, you bring up Eat Pray Love, vampires, cats, or Katherine Heigl, so help him, he will kill you. Which is just wrong, because your profile is your best tool for letting prospective dates get a sense of the real you!

Internet dating: killing us all.